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This website is brought to you by a  Preschool Teacher turned Webpreneur Mom. Dedicated to Teachers and Parents all over the world. You have the most important job and that's educating the next generation, raising our kids up for a successful future, helping make dreams come true. We hope you enjoy our website and that it helps bring inspiration and shopping to help you with this important job of raising up the next generation for success and a life filled with love, joy, and happiness. Have fun creating good teaching memories with your students. Make it a great school year. It matters. Make a difference. online shop and community is here to inspire you with all things School and Education for Teachers, Parents, and Kids, as well as help you with your School shopping needs for Homeschool, Regular School or Private School, all play an important role in the life of a child and educating them. is the sister site of Celebrating Life Moments. We've been online since 2002 sharing, celebrating, inspiring and giving back. Celebrate because you can and Create a celebration today. Every moment in life is worth a celebration.

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This is your chance right now to make a positive difference in the life of a child. Make it a great experience for that young mind.